About MooiRivier Mall

Potchefstroom is renowned for the Mooi River and the abundance of willow trees along its embankment. The MooiRivier Mall is built right above this enchanting river, with glass flooring installed in order for visitors to fully appreciate its beauty. Children are captivated by the enthralling ripple and flow of the abounding river, while adults young and old enjoy a satisfying shopping experience unlike any other.

Ample parking space and several points of entry surround the shopping centre, making you feel immediately welcome, safe and at home as soon as you enter. The expansive layout and family-friendly passageways of the centre are easy to navigate, providing a pleasant, hassle-free shopping experience. Our vast selection of premium retail stores ensures your every lifestyle need is met. Quality convenience has never been this accessible and fulfilling.



For your convenience MooiRivier Mall offers a free wheelchair rental service to all customers. Please visit our Information Desk for further assistance.



Wanting to share your MooiRivier Mall experience with your family and friends on social media? Need to send a business email while shopping? You can stay connected wherever you are at MooiRivier Mall for free.


Load Shedding

You can now plan a trip to MooiRivier Mall without any Load shedding interference. At MooiRiiver Mall load shedding is not part of our offering and we are 100% operational during all load shedding schedules.